Highgate Hotels


Our Story

For over thirty years, Highgate has been the premier investment and operating partner of hospitality assets. With an executive team consisting of some of the most experienced hotel management leaders, the company is a trusted partner for top ownership groups and major hotel brands. Highgate benefits from proficiencies across the hospitality management and investing landscape, which deliver the synergies and benefits of market intelligence, scale, technology and innovation to its partners, owners and other key stakeholders. Highgate is internationally recognized as a dominant operator across diverse markets and asset types. Each segment of the portfolio operates as a focused business unit with a dedicated support team. Their unmatched flow of real-time operating information and fundamental trends contributes to material RevPAR outperformance. With an already significant portfolio of hotels in the US, the Caribbean and Latin America, and Europe, their broad footprint keeps them innovating.


545 E John W Carpenter Fwy #1400
Irving, Texas 75062