Authentic Gem Imports, Inc.


Our Story

Coming from generations of jewelers and miners in India, the AGI team has a passion for creating rare, luxurious pieces with sought-after stones that include diamonds, colored gemstones, and pearls. Our company was founded in Dallas, Texas as a loose gemstone, diamond, and pearl house. The company has grown to supply the nation with some of the world’s rarest and most valuable jewels. The meticulously collected inventory includes colors and shapes of every size, totaling over 11,000 stones to suit every style of jewelry.

AGI’s online warehouse represents the most informative and transparent online shopping experience for loose stones, allowing you to view diamonds in 360 degrees and inspect magnified images of every stone in detail. The AGI team has earned a reputation as a go-to source for hundreds of jewelry stores across the country, providing services such as custom jewelry creation, recreation, one-of-a-kind jewelry master crafting, sourcing, and stone matching.

At AGI, our stones are sourced directly from mines all over the world, including Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Zambia, Brazil, and many other countries. This allows us to fully evaluate the color, quality, and value of each and every stone in the inventory. AGI’s direct-source business model also allows us to cut out the middlemen that drive up the cost of most diamonds and precious stones, allowing us to pass savings directly to you. We are able to offer your loose stone, finished jewelry, and custom jewelry purchases at a much more competitive price than other jewelry stores.

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