Flag Media


Our Story

Flag Digital began as a bespoke reputation management and PR services company. ​ Over the years, Flag has grown in various aspects of PR, marketing, and reputation management. In 2020, we started buying and building dozens of digital publications to support the brand identity and reputation needs of our clients, knowing that providing a service to amplify articles, feature stories, and multimedia content can greatly impact someone’s online identity. ​ We now own some of the best digital magazines and newspapers like Global Business Daily, CEO Extra, Crypto Times Register, and PR Daily Wire, among others – with a cumulative viewership of more than 5 million per month.


In mid-2022 we decided to add a digital rewards program called the Flag token project, which gained some traction among a small group of friends and followers of the company. The purpose was to reward people for actions and activities in the Flag Media network. We brought the token to a few exchanges and by January of 2023, through some friends and family we were able to put together enough funds to build out our own layer 1 blockchain; what happened next was magical


Flag Blockchain launched in April 2023, followed by the Flag Wallet app for iOS and Android, the Flag Accelerator program, Flag Social app, the Idea Lab, and in August 2023 we launched Flagpole, our proprietary NFT marketplace. ​ Along with the launch of Flagpole, we announced the development of our digital initiatives focusing on three major industries: liquor, sports, gaming, and music/entertainment. The digital initiatives will focus on creating custom tokens, valuable NFT collections, and opportunities for sponsorships, partnerships, and lucrative alliances and rewards.