Hoque Global


Our Story

Hoque Global is a diversified investment company with a primary focus on catalytic enterprises in real estate. Its portfolio of companies includes those in the hospitality, event planning, logistics, transportation, and technology sectors. Over the years, Hoque Global has become a recognized leader in the revitalization, redevelopment, and re-energization of properties. Its discerning view to understand opportunities in proportion to their potential community impact has become Hoque Global’s primary strategy.

Founded on the principals established in three generations of the Hoque family’s commitment to improving the world through leadership, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of diverse solutions, Hoque Global continues to innovate with success. Hoque Global’s leadership is built on birthing and pursuing new ideas in the global marketplace.

Wherever people reside in our world, great events and positive developments, both big and small, take place to improve life as we know it. From global cities to small towns and villages, there are always opportunities for improvement. In every community there are projects that simply take more persistence and determination to achieve progress. Hoque Global looks for these big challenges. This dedication to excellence and integrity brings rewards that go far beyond financial value.

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