New Founding


Our Story

We build and back companies defined by American ideals and a positive national vision. We explicitly oppose DEI/ESG and the bureaucratization of American business culture. We promote a culture of entrepreneurship and excellence, betting on great companies, products, and customers disfavored by corrosive ideologies.

Our goal is to define and realize a distinct positive vision for America. Much of this is yet to be determined—the product of future entrepreneurial innovation and prudent action. But we are also anchored to a set of ideals:

  • Pro-human: we believe people are unique and made in the image of God, as men and women, and meant to exercise dominion over this world; we reject trans-humanism and all other anti-human ideologies
  • Pro-technology: technology is a form of human creative output, and when directed to good ends can be a powerful tool for good and for dominion over the earth
  • Pro-civilization: family + virtue + great achievement combine as building blocks of civilization that allow people to live well; we reject leveling ideologies that seek to impose false concepts of equality and destroy all unchosen duties
  • Pro-American: our heritage, culture, and political and legal traditions contain many good things worth celebrating and preserving; we should particularly seek the good of fellow Americans
  • Pro-Christendom: we seek to shape institutions with Christian norms and orient them toward a Christian vision of life, of society, and of the good

We embrace a vitality, reflecting God’s design and aiming for God’s kingdom, that animates society from the family to the economy to the culture and civilization.

These ideals will shape our efforts and guide our decisions. The ventures that we back will reflect and build on some or all of these ideals to produce a fuller vision for our movement.

Our ideals serve primarily to anchor, not to exclude. We are open to partnering with a wide range of people who are willing to support our ventures and accept our commitment to these ideals, though they may diverge on some issues.

As we pursue this vision, we face not only the challenges inherent in any entrepreneurial endeavor, but a totalitarian effort by the left to capture institutions across our society and use their power against dissenters.

We are affirmatively challenging this campaign with concrete action. Through our venture efforts, we are seeking to build businesses not subject to their censorship, alternative infrastructure in key chokepoints, and tools and networks to connect aligned employers and employees and clients and vendors. We are also directly attacking the left’s efforts by rejecting their taboos and doing business with people they tell us we must ostracize.

To succeed—to challenge the left’s totalitarian agenda and to realize our vision—we must build a large economic coalition. We recognize that even on the right values and beliefs vary widely. Because the institutional conservative movement has for so long been backward-looking and sidestepped foundational questions, many are only beginning to consider such questions. In light of this debate, we are not shy about our values. Our goal is to draw as many people as possible to our vision, and to ventures that advance these ideals.

As we pursue partnerships, our goals are threefold:

  • Build successful businesses by working with knowledgeable, insightful, and capable people.
  • Reach a wide range of people willing to do business with us, and build into a viable alternative economic coalition.
  • Shape this into a deeper movement by drawing the coalition toward our comprehensive positive vision.

Diverse values and contests over vision will remain for some time on the right. Our own views will no doubt evolve on some subjects. But we believe that our ventures advance visions that will be attractive across the right and to Americans more broadly, and that their success will help draw both our movement and our nation toward the ideals articulated here.