Patmos Capital Partners


Our Story

A private real estate investment firm focused on delivering superior risk adjusted returns to investors. Patmos Capital Partners was founded in the early spring of 2021 when Cole Jones had a vision for a Real Estate Investing Firm that would operate differently from existing firms. Patmos sets themselves apart by operating with the highest levels of integrity, excellence, and competency.  The firm provides superior risk-adjusted returns,  caring for their investors, residents, and communities in a visionary, personal, and selfless way.  Patmos prides itself on putting the priorities of their investors and needs of their residents ahead of their own interests.

Patmos Capital Partners is named after the Greek island, Patmos where the book of Revelation was written.  The island of Patmos symbolically represents the idea of having vision for the future by stewarding the present with great intention and care.  The book of Revelation is a prophetic biblical text speaking at length about Christ’s triumphant return.  Our company name reminds us this world isn’t our home and of our ultimate hope and future.